Saturday, April 30, 2011

A few updates...

Samantha has a new job! Yes, again. I know it seems like I have have moved through quite a few jobs over the years, but hey it's all part of the adventure, right?

Well, I am now an employee of a house cleaning service.  I will not share the name of the business on here, but I will be cleaning houses as half of a team of 2 people.  This is for an established company that provides all of the supplies and jobs.  Which is great because that means no sales for me and all I have to do is do my job! I am relieved to have found a position in which I can learn and do my best and only get better as I go.  Also, there is opportunity to become a team captain, which I think I would like and the regional manager said she has "no doubt" that I will become one. So that's a nice thing to hear.
More than anything, the schedule is a VAST improvement and will really be a great compliment to the time I hope to spend taking photos for people! Not to mention the evenings and weekends with my husband, family and friends; Who I have missed so much while I was working evenings!

As far as the photography goes, I am finding the sunshine helpful in getting out to just look through my lens and take art photos for fun and practice.  I have one official wedding booked (on my birthday!) and I am very excited!!! I also have two engagement photo sessions, a maternity photo session and a animal/owner photo session only waiting to schedule the perfect days! I am so very excited to see where my photography takes me.  I really love doing it and hope that it will someday be my full time job.  I have always dreamed of having a job that I love doing, like so many of us wish for.

Samantha Raye Photography is my business name and you can visit my photography blog:
Samantha Raye Photography Blog

I am also on facebook:
Samantha Raye Photography on Facebook

Thank you everyone for your support and I will write again soon :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something big and new needs to happen

We feel like something big and new needs to happen; It is the time to do it. We are in our twenties, newly married, no children, no school, no mortgage payment...
But what?

Vacations are okay, but so temporary and then when you come home its "Welcome back to routine and the same-old same-old".
Moving sounds intriguing; Where would we go? 
We have thought of out of country, out of state, in state & out of city...

     Here's the conundrum: Jeremy has such a great job, it may be stupid to leave it... He likes it there, they like him and he is good at it... But is it still okay to move away and come back someday? They would most likely re-hire him, but do we risk it?

It is just that it feels like if we dont do something big and adventurous now, we never will... Or at least not until we are done raising children...

The feeling of being stagnant is eating away at me...

We both want a life of adventures... How will we get started???