Saturday, April 30, 2011

A few updates...

Samantha has a new job! Yes, again. I know it seems like I have have moved through quite a few jobs over the years, but hey it's all part of the adventure, right?

Well, I am now an employee of a house cleaning service.  I will not share the name of the business on here, but I will be cleaning houses as half of a team of 2 people.  This is for an established company that provides all of the supplies and jobs.  Which is great because that means no sales for me and all I have to do is do my job! I am relieved to have found a position in which I can learn and do my best and only get better as I go.  Also, there is opportunity to become a team captain, which I think I would like and the regional manager said she has "no doubt" that I will become one. So that's a nice thing to hear.
More than anything, the schedule is a VAST improvement and will really be a great compliment to the time I hope to spend taking photos for people! Not to mention the evenings and weekends with my husband, family and friends; Who I have missed so much while I was working evenings!

As far as the photography goes, I am finding the sunshine helpful in getting out to just look through my lens and take art photos for fun and practice.  I have one official wedding booked (on my birthday!) and I am very excited!!! I also have two engagement photo sessions, a maternity photo session and a animal/owner photo session only waiting to schedule the perfect days! I am so very excited to see where my photography takes me.  I really love doing it and hope that it will someday be my full time job.  I have always dreamed of having a job that I love doing, like so many of us wish for.

Samantha Raye Photography is my business name and you can visit my photography blog:
Samantha Raye Photography Blog

I am also on facebook:
Samantha Raye Photography on Facebook

Thank you everyone for your support and I will write again soon :)

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