Sunday, May 26, 2013

Has it been a while? I'd say so.

So, I'll lay out the big news flashes that you might need to know since I last wrote... Which was a while ago.  A long while ago.

1. Jeremy and I are parents!!! We had our beautiful baby girl, Penny Jewell, on January 24th this year! She is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen, held and known.  I LOVE being a momma and I LOVE knowing she is mine and that I get to keep her! It's not like meeting an adorable puppy that you have to give back.  She is here to stay and we couldn't be happier about it!!!

2. We also became HOMEOWNERS!!! We got our first house in a town outside of a suburb.  That's right... In the country.  But we do not have acreage or a farm, rather, we live in a development type area.  It will do for now :).  We have a back yard where I can do my gardening and our dog, Frank, just loves having a lawn of his very own to run and play in!  It is exciting to know that we will watch our family begin to grow in this very house!

3. I quit my job as a teller to be a stay at home momma!  This means that I get to spend my days with my lovely little girl and be the one to see her each morning and teach her the things about life that are important to us.  I cannot wait to see how she keeps growing and developing! It will be a blast once we can do crafts together and I can teach her to garden, sew and get creative!  A BIG thank you is due to my amazing, awesome and totally rad husband, Jeremy, who works so hard each day to make this life a reality!!!

4. My photography business is in a lull as of now.  I really did pretty well last year with it, but as the pregnancy continued to change my center of balance and circumference, I stopped scheduling sessions. Unfortunately, my lack of dedication has resulted in a, sadly, baren business calendar.  But, the good news is that I am fully intending on firing it back up with great determination.

So, those are the biggies.  A lot has changed and it is all wonderful, with the exception of my photography business.  We are so so happy and it is wonderful to be home owning parents!

My current focus is on bettering myself.  It is for me, it is for Jeremy and it is for Penny.  Because, if I can be a better version of myself, I can be a better wife and a better mommy.  The areas of improvement include:
*Photography Business - get it going, and going well!
*Physical Fitness - to lose weight and be a healthy, fit momma!
*Financial - make money with photography to help the bank account!

All of these things are possible and I CAN DO IT! I have a book I am reading that is about self-discipline and I am going to master it so I can reach all the goals I have set for myself!

With that, I am off for now.  I have a hungry baby and a hungry husband on my hands!


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