Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sewing and more sewing...

The other day I decided to raid my mother's fabric stash, as she is a fabric hoarder, and got inspired to get sewing.
Thank goodness my awesome husband got me a sewing machine for my last birthday :).

I found a pattern for a girl's pillowcase dress and got sewing!

I made one dress for Penny and a skirt, which I made up the pattern for.  After I was done, and pretty proud, I posted the photos on facebook where I had two mommy friends say they wanted to place an order! To my surprise, people really liked them!

It really does feel great to have people enjoy something I've made.  Maybe I can make a little extra money selling them?  If only I could go get a new hoard of  fabric so that I could make the ordering process a little easier... But that costs money.  Too bad.

Speaking of money, since we have gone down to one income, we are very careful of where our money goes.  With that said, I cannot just go buying a stock pile of fabric and ribbon to make a room full of sweet little dresses.  So, until then, I will do it the hard way and drive back and fourth to the fabric store taking photos of pretty fabrics.

Alright, back to sewing!

I really like how this one turned out for Penny poo :) I especially love the ruffle at the bottom :)

The pink chevron really turned out super cute! So modern and chic!

This little skirt is so adorable! I cannot wait to see it on miss Harper!

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