Monday, January 30, 2012

3 Weeks a Gym Member

Hello gym! Goodbye Couch!

Alright, so that is not a commitment that I am going to make in both direction... But I am committed to going to the gym Monday through Friday!  I will still spend time with you, dear couch, as the DVR and I have a serious relationship.  {Thank goodness for DVR!}

Things I like at the gym:  When I am somehow able to push through the last rep, sweating {makes me feel accomplished}, jamming out to the Dance Cardio station on Pandora, being younger than most of the other members, getting to tell people "Yeah, I went to the gym this morning..."

Things I do not like at the gym:  Being on a cardio machine next to a skinny chick {not the word I was thinking, but seemed less offensive}, being on any machine next to a stinky man {had to switch from my fav machine today it was so icky}, loud obnoxious guy who is offensive and annoying {oh and OBNOXIOUS}, old ladies blow drying their hair in the locker room NAKED, and germs.

Today I did feel very accomplished, because I was glistening and out of breath at a few times!  I even sent a photo via text to my skinny gym going friend and she was impressed, rightly so I'd say!  She said she was proud of me, this in turn made me proud of me.  Wonderfully feeling, a little self pride!

Although my body is changing on me as I have half of my twenties before me, I am determined to make it change that way that I see fit.  Take that!, Body!  I am going to treat it with respect and discipline so that it will be whipped into shape.  Think of it as a camp for kids who are bigger than many others - fat camp - even though I will call it healthy camp so that I will not be discouraged.

Goodnight world, happy gym going and/or couch sitting!


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  1. Sammy, I am so proud of you for what you are doing. I know how much you dislike working out, but the fact that you are sticking to it is inspiring. You are a wonderful woman and i will love you know matter what. I love your creative mind, how you and I can always have non stop conversation and most of all how you love and take care of my son. Hugs to you daughter!!! Momma-in-law.....